Kindness Chaplains

Love and support your employees by offering kindness chaplains as a workplace benefit.

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Our Chaplains help with

The hidden cost of these issues on the workplace is staggering.

Economic cost of grief in USA

According to a study by the Grief Institute, bereavement, separation, family crisis and financial crisis cost the US economy over $70Bn alone

Although personal, these powerful life experiences inevitably impact whole teams

In one study on divorce, the entire team’s productivity declined by 10% and the person divorcing by 40%.

Existing HR systems
aren’t working

75% of employees feel uncomfortable sharing these types of issues with a boss or HR manager. EAP adoption rates are only 5-10% versus 25-75% for Chaplains.

How does Kindness Chaplains help your team better handle these issues?

We match your employees with experienced pastoral leaders that fit their beliefs and values

  • Professional Chaplain
  • Certifications
  • Ordained and Endorsed
  • Ministers, Priests or Rabbis
  • Phd, Masters Degree

  • Chaplains of all faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities
  • Rigorous background check and approval process
  • Each employee finds right fit for them and can cancel or switch anytime

  • Confidential
  • Permission based
  • Participation is voluntary

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Improve employee morale and retention
Help your employee’s better handle life’s struggles with our chaplains.
Boost productivity and lower absenteeism
Support managers not trained to deal with deeply personal or embarrassing issues

Love Your People